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Video of Huge Alligator Right Next to a Pool Full of Kids Has People Freaking Out

Floridians, we don't know how you do it. One TikTok video recently went viral when an alligator wandered into a crowded apartment complex like he owned the joint. As the gator makes itself comfy near the sidewalk, and then the sandbox, TikTok user @shanteria____ and her child watch in shock as other neighbors get even closer to the animal. Meanwhile, an entire swimming pool of kids is only a few yards away!

It would definitely be difficult to know what to do in a situation like this, but wait until you see what one neighbor did!

Um, no thanks. we’d much rather be where the creator  and her baby are rather than where those poor kids are outside–they’re freaking out! What we’ll never understand, though, is why smacking the gator’s tail seemed like a good idea to anyone. @melodyrain777 agrees, commenting “If he knew how fast those things really are he wouldn’t be doing that.”

Other commenters like @bellekurve noticed the neighbors acting very calmly (perhaps too calmly?) too, noting that “The baby the only one PROPERLY CONCERNED!!! 🤣”. If you watch with the volume on, you can hear the little one expressing worry, but more so for the sandbox than for their neighbors. Kids know priorities! 

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With the most liked comment at over 55,000 likes, @ms.tara_13 was one of many users to have a hard time spotting the scaly creature. She said, “Not me missing it the first time trying to see what was happening in the pool fence 😂”. Us too, girl. If the creator hadn’t pointed it out, it could be easy to miss!

Sometimes, a commenter takes one for the team and asks what we’re all thinking, and this time it was @traphouse.vibez coming in clutch. They asked, “So what happened after 😭,” and we were blessed with a second video from the original poster. 

Yes, that is a regular person in sandals and a tank top tying ropes around the gator to lead it away. Mind. Blown.

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