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Dog Walkers Post Epic Video of Their Pack and It's Truly Jaw-Dropping

Dogs have a tendency to bring people together, especially if you were to encounter a giant pack of them sitting sweetly in one huge group! 

TikTok user @Saratogadogwalkers posted an epic video of around 20 or so dogs just politely sitting there and people are eating this up. This video is going viral with over 70K likes and 770 thousand views. 

We would have to stop and pet each and every one of these dogs. We aren't the only ones with @Juliefarrell posting, "I'd have to go pet each and every one of them." @Chermontgomery adds, "They are so sweet and well behaved! Great job, Dad!" @Emilycummings says what a lot of us are feeling, typing, "I have too little self control to not go and sit in the middle." 

We'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite out of this beautiful group, so we'll just say we'd be happy to hang out and walk any of them. Now we just need to find out if they are hiring!

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