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Maine Coon Cat Who's Almost As Big As His Owner Has People Amazed

When you think of cats, do you think of little cuddle buddies who are maybe the length of one arm like us? Or do you picture a bigger pet hanging out around the house? For us, we picture animals that are normally smaller than a dog, although not always. There are some pretty tiny dogs out there. LOL! But like any creature, there are always the outliers who show us one size doesn't fill all. 

Take for instance TikTok user @theaquarianmermaid's cat. He definitely doesn't fit the normal characteristic size of cats. This creator wanted to show off her Maine Coon cat. And she wasn't just showing off the cat because he is absolutely adorable. It's because the cat might be the biggest house cat we've ever seen in our life! You won't believe your eyes! And just for comparison, this TikToker said she's only 5'1". LOL! 

Holy cat!! We've never seen a cat that big or long before. The only felines we think of being that big are lions and panthers. When we found out this creator was only 5'1" we thought ma that's why the cat looks so big. She's small herself. That's what @Greg Caurana said, "Either a giant cat or a tiny person." LOL! But we think it could be a little bit of both!

“That’s no cat...that's a lion!!!" said @mkc056. LOL! He's absolutely part cat and part lion. This makes us believe domestic cats aren't too far down the lion lineage! @michaelmonahan165 wrote, "🙏🏼lot of cat to luv." True! The bigger the cat, the more snuggles! "That's why Maine Coons are known as 'Gentle Giants,'" commented @Vic Martin. We didn't know they were known as that! But it absolutely makes sense!

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So, any guesses on how much this gentle giant cat weighs? LOL!  

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