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People Can't Get Over This Giant Horse Who's Only 4 Years Old

You raise them from when they're babies, but still it's always a surprise when your animal goes through a major glow up. Like a Blue Roan horse on TikTok who had such a major before-and-after that people can't stop watching his transformation. And all before his fifth birthday too. 

The Canadian Blue Roan, Rudnik, has gone viral before for his ever-changing coat color. But it is another change that has made him totally popular online. The video re-posted on his page @rudniktheroan starts off with a clip from when his owner first got him. "I don't know if he'll get very big, he seems pretty small," the text overlay reads, possibly channeling what his owner thought at first. Then it cuts to Rudnik today — and yep, it's practically a whole new horse. 

Today, Rudnik is over 1,200 lbs. "and still growing," his owner wrote in the caption. But to truly take in the horse's full size, you'll have to watch the clip. 

People in the comments section were swooning. "Omg he’s only 4? He’s gorgeous for being still pretty young," @alice__eq0 wrote. "Rudnik he doesn't bother with taking names. He takes your girl," @k.leigh.3636 teased. "My Appy didn't grow until 4. He looked like a yearling until then," @cadezillla shared. "My guy went from heartbroken to heartbreaker gym bro," @realperson550 joked. 

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So yeah, Rudnik looks just a little bit different than his old self. But we credit his owner for taking such good care of him and has really helped the horse thrive.

Although one TikTok really said what we're all thinking: "I was NOT ready," @threadsoffate wrote. 

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