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Video of Cows Patiently Letting Human Caretaker Meet New Little Calf Is Heartwarming

Moms of all species can be extremely overprotective of their babies and will limit who can be around them, especially when they're newborns. It always feels like a special honor when the mother allows you access to their baby. A calf was recently born on one woman's farm and the momma allowed her to approach the newborn to meet her!

TikTok user @knucklebumpfarms recently shared a video she took of the newborn calf as she approached. In the video, you can see the herd of cows behind her at a slight distance with the calf's mom, Margaret, among them. The owner crouched down with the camera to show us the calf's sweet face, who was laying down in the grass. Check out the video to see all the cuteness!

Aww, what an adorable calf! She has such a pretty face and is a gorgeous "red panda heifer calf," as she is called in the video caption. Margaret must be so proud of her baby!

People in the comments are in love with this calf and her herd. @belleleni said, "Aww how cute! I love how they are all in the background watching," and @trustisearned6 commented, "She’s beautiful and has quite the squad behind her." This calf is lucky to have such a great herd to be a part of!

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Others provided various name suggestions for the new baby. @maybe_tawanda commented, "Please name her Strawberry!" and @auntjenn3 said, "I don't know if you have names picked out, but to me, she looks like a Marigold. Absolutely gorgeous." These are both lovely names for the baby calf!

This is such a lovely first meeting for the calf and the owner, and it is so great that the rest of the cows stood back patiently to allow them to meet!

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