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Woman's Emotional Reaction to Husband Buying Her a Horse Has Us in Tears

The bond that some people have with their pets is just so special, but it all starts with first decision to make an animal yours. One woman got the surprise of a lifetime recently, after learning that her husband had secretly bought her a horse. And her response to his selfless gesture has brought her (and us) to tears. 

The horse lover has posted other videos of her riding on her page, but certainly she wasn't expecting the beyond kind gift from her hubby. The video was shared on her TikTok page @dhnvlt and shows her opening up a locker at a stable with her husband nearby. But it's what was inside the locker that had her absolutely sobbing — a sign letting her know that the horse was hers. "The day my husband bought me a horse," the caption reads. 

Things got even better when the TikTok went outside and saw her brand new horse for the first time. And we don't know about you, but we definitely needed a Kleenex or two after watching what happened. 

The video has since been watched almost 4 million times. "Another animal that will be loved and cared for, well done," @seann007 wrote in the comments section. "Great. Now I’m bawling over a stranger on TikTok. Will I watch this 73 more times? Absolutely," @brittleann11 joked. "Great! Now I'm mad at my husband for never buying me a horse," @lilett0 quipped. "My husband brought me home MdDonalds fries once, and I reacted just like this. I need to raise the bar a bit," @lookatmyfarmanimals teased. 

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There's no denying that this TikToker is one lucky lady, but we think she's going to be an excellent horse owner too. Cheers!

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