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Huskies' Protests Over Not Being Allowed on Their Parents' Bed Are So Full of Drama

Cuddling with our dogs in bed is one of life's greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, our dogs sometimes get a bit messy when they go outside, which leads us to limit their access to our bed until we can give them a thorough cleaning. One person had to limit her dogs' bed access for this reason, and they were very displeased with the circumstances.

TikTok user @eight_fluffytails is the proud owner of eight Huskies, and she recently shared a video of them issuing several loud complaints regarding the sleeping arrangements. In the video, there is an indoor gate blocking the Huskies from accessing the owners' bedroom, and the text on the video explains that it had been raining, so they did not want the Huskies to get the bed wet with their damp fur and paws. Check out the video to see what these pups had to say about this new set up!

OMG, this is too funny. These Huskies were very displeased with their parents for blocking off their access to the bed. We all know that Huskies are notoriously loud and talkative, but having eight of them complain at the same time really elevates the drama to a whole new level!

People in the comments thought the Huskies's complaints were very reasonable. @emma_duck23 said, "How DARE you?! They know you have extra sheets and blankets." Another user, @adamklee commented, "THE COUNCIL DOES NOT APPROVE OF THIS TREACHERY." This certainly was a sneaky move from these Huskies' parents!

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Others were astounded by the noise levels of all of these Huskies. @faith1966 commented, "I think I’ve wanted a husky all my 19 years of life and you just changed my mind," and @amanda_cleans said, "That’s… that’s a lot of yodeling dogs." While we are dog lovers, we have to agree. Eight screaming Huskies are not for the faint of heart!

We think a betrayal of this level calls for a very elaborate apology complete with many treats and plenty of future bed cuddles. These dogs were used to snuggling in bed at night, and they were befuddled by this change in routine!

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