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Video of Huskies Enjoying Pool Time Will Cool Off Your Timeline

A Husky dad knew the hot summer was around the corner, so he needed something to cool down his winter-loving doggos. Like many furry friend parents, he turned to plastic pools to beat the heat. Except, this dad is a few steps ahead of the rest of us!  

TikTok user @sled_dog bought two plastic kiddie pools for each Husky - Sherlock and Brigid. Instead of filling the pools with water, he decided to kick it up a notch and fill them with ice. So cool! He bought a whole wagon full of ice. When it was all ready to go, Sherlock and Brigid ran out of the house, and we’ll bet you can guess their reaction to what they found. 

Aww! They are loving the ice pool! Sherlock couldn’t decide which one was better and kept going back and forth between the two. LOL! He was also being a little protective once he claimed his ice thrown so Brigid had to go to the other pool. But that didn’t matter, they both got to enjoy the winter pool party. Can we join next time!? 

One commenter asked, “How long did they stay on the ice?” The creator replied, “4 hours.” OMG. 4 hours?! If this dad was worried they weren’t going to like it, we think he got his answer! LOL. Another commenter, @Mimi Thomas338 added, “Awww, I like the winter pool party.” Like? We LOVE it! This is seriously such a smart idea to keep the dogs cool, especially Huskies. It’s like they’re in their natural habitat. Sounds like the next investment will have to be an ice machine so this dad doesn’t have to keep buying bags of ice! 

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Now did someone say margaritas?! 

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