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Huskies' Reaction to Seeing Grandma After a Year Apart Is Just Too Good

Huskies are not ones to shy away from words. In fact, all they do is use their voice to express their feelings. Whether they're vocal because of their excitement, frustration and even sadness, they're always saying something. No wonder this Husky TikTok account is named @thetalkinghuskies. It's a perfect way to describe them, especially after this one particular video!    

One of their most recent videos show what these talking doggos say when they see grandma. Keep in mind, that these huskies haven't seen grandma in over a year so if we were in their paws, we'd be freaking out as well! In the clip, the three dogs are looking off to the distance when they heard grandma's familiar voice. And once they put two and two together, they start chatting away. Well, it was a little more than just chatting...LOL! What do you think they're saying!? 

Aww! It's so sweet and also so, so funny! They couldn't believe who it was at first and then all at once, they released their emotions. We take back what we said earlier about how they were 'chatting' because it was more screaming about the fact grandma was there. They were probably thinking that if they were the loudest grandma would greet them first. LOL! 

"I love how they all turned the moment they heard her voice," commented @Brotherben23. Ha! They all turned and had to do a double-take to make sure it was real! And did you happen to catch what these dogs were saying? @kimberleecashion wrote, "I definitely heard, 'Hiii grandmaaaa!'" You're not the only one. We definitely heard that too! 

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"I'm not sure if they like her. Second video for research purposes," said @Molly Biggs. They definitely don't like her...they LOVE her! But another video wouldn't hurt. LOL! 

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