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Video of Huskies Happily Watching Cartoons Is Downright Precious

Get ready for a childhood memory to be unlocked. Picture this. It's Saturday morning, you're still rocking your pajamas, breakfast is getting made and the couch is calling your name. It's time to turn on the best part of the morning - cartoons. Those were our favorite parts of the week as a kid. The cool thing about this memory is that it seems like every kid did the same.  

And now that we're older, we get to experience those same Saturday mornings with our kids. Yes, even our four-legged, fur babies. TikTok user @that.carol.tok was doing what we all do on Saturday mornings - coffee in hand with the TV on. She was curled up on the couch next to her two Siberian Husky dogs. All three of them were watching cartoons! Talk about a ridiculously cute bonding moment between them all! 

Aww! How cute are these pups?! They honestly seem more invested in the show than she does. LOL! Those dogs were laser-focused in on those cartoons. Dug Days is a hit among dogs because this isn't the first time we've seen a dog watch this show. Maybe that means we have to watch it with our doggo too!

"No, that's too much. Sorry boss, I'm sick today. Caught the watching cartoons bug with my dogs," commented @tyler58651. LOL! Oh yes, we're definitely trying out this excuse. Anything to take a day off and enjoy cartoons with our fur babies! "Homie sitting like he pays rent," added @fadiblinder. Ha! He totally does! 

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"They laugh when we say dogs are like our children 🐕. And yet...." said @1BlueOwl. We've been saying it forever that dogs are just like kids! And we have all the videos in the world to prove it. LOL! @abcde17299 added, "Dogs are just kids but cuter." Hey, we didn't say it! But we absolutely agree with it!

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