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Viral Video of Rare Husky-Corgi Mix Has the Internet Divided

Have you ever seen a Husky-Corgi mix? Most people haven't, but you will after seeing a new TikTok video that was shared by @lunathehuskycorgi. It's pretty hard to deny that the little dog is just adorable, but the fact that she's a cross between a Husky and a Corgi has people pretty divided. Some simply think Luna is too cute to resist, while others are incredibly angry about the fact that anyone would mix the two breeds together. The video is going viral with over 9 million views.

The dog's owner even left a comment on the video letting people know that she adopted this special pup, saying, "If this triggers you, please continue reading: I was Luna’s 3rd home by the time she was 8 weeks. She was separated from her mom at 4wks, and put into a second home, where they didn’t get her vaccinated. The second home decided they couldn’t handle her and put her up to be rehoused." Meet Luna.

Some commenters said they think whoever did this should be in prison. When someone asked why anyone would cross-breed a Husky with a Corgi, Luna's owner replied with, "I don’t believe someone meant to breed the two together, most likely a mistake litter. I don’t have too much history on where she came from."

There were quite a few people who disagree with unethical breeding of any kind, but they still left comments saying how cute Luna is, like @britly, who said, 
"Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Dog is cute tho." Some TikTok users opted to focus on the positive. @pesto said, "The fact that she’s the perfect guard dog but the perfect squishmallow snuggle bug for naps 🥺." And @Lisa joked, "That's a Corgi in a Husky costume." 

Regardless of how Luna came to be, one thing's for sure: she's an absolute sweetheart and her owner obviously loves her very much and takes wonderful care of her. We're so lucky that she was kind enough to share her with all of us!