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Husky's Adorable Protest to Having a Bath Is Impossible to Resist

Huskies are talkative dogs, and they will not be shy about sharing their opinion with you. When this husky's owner took him to the pet groomers, he made it very clear that he was not happy with the circumstances.

TikTok user @thehuskymoon_ recently shared a video of their husky, Moon, being bathed and brushed at the groomers. While some dogs enjoy water, this was not the case with Moon, who tried his hardest to get out of this scenario. Check out the video to see how Moon staged his protest over bath time.

OMG, this is too funny and super adorable! Moon did his best to convince his groomer to end the session early, but unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in his negotiations. When Moon realized he would have to finish his grooming, he made it clear that he was very upset.

People in the comments thought it was so funny how much this husky was talking. @ngarmo98 said, "I love the way huskies are just talkative and dramatic but still let everything happen," and @thebelleoftwitch commented, "I can confirm that when I was a dog groomer I heard every husky’s life story."  Huskies are always the chattiest breed!

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Others shared what they thought they heard this husky saying. @ednajoeadkinsporter commented, "Sounded like he said I want my mom!" and @shavonnspot said, "He definitely said I don’t want to do this." It's so funny how we could practically understand what he was saying because it sounded so much like English!

Someone needs to invent a husky translation app because we think there's enough similarities between husky howls and English that we could crack the translation code.

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