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Husky's Unconventional Way of 'Drinking' Water Has the Internet in Stitches

Hydration is ultra important, especially in warmer weather. Both you and your pets should be getting plenty of water throughout the day, no matter how you like to drink it. You can sip, you can chug, or you can take a page from this Husky's book and just eat it. 

Yep--this silly boy prefers to eat his water instead of lapping it up like any other pup. Otis even has three other Husky brothers to show him proper etiquette--you can follow their adventures on their TikTok account, @we_have_huskies, where this video went viral--but he's got his own way of doing things. After all, if it's not broke, don't fix it! Just watch what he does to stay hydrated! 

LOL! Although now that we think about it, something in Otis's "How To Dog" portion of the brain is definitely malfunctioning. Even his canine brothers are confused AF at his unusual hydration method! Still, the only damage done is to their home's hardwood floors, so there's nothing wrong with sitting back and enjoying the silliness.

"Sir, your dog is broken 😂," @knolden08 informed the poster. LOL! Eating water is a very 'un-dog' thing to do, but then again he is a Husky. That breed has over-the-top weirdness across the board, and that's what makes them so great! Still, comments like @fhakdh's have is ugly laughing over here. "Have you tried a factory reset 😂?" he asked. LMAO!

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Even though "nobody teached him how to DRINK water," commenters like @elisamacfragoso are absolutely losing it for this crazy dog. "He's eating the water, not drinking it," @tracey_shorty_ added. "Soo stinking adorable 🥰." Isn't it?

We loved watching Otis enjoying some "good soup 🥰," as @clancysmum74 worded it. He was getting really into it, too! We may not know exactly why he chose to attack his water this way, but @lunaanaurora's fun fact really has us thinking. She claims, "That's normal, wolves drink like that in the wild to save time! My pup those that sometimes 😂🥰." Who knew?!

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