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Husky Gets Embarrassed After Mom Catches Him Chilling With the Cat

If there is any one dog breed that is absolutely full of personality, it's Huskies for sure! They're just so vocal, animated, and they can even be dramatic and throw tantrums at times. And apparently, they can even get embarrassed, just like human beings! In a TikTok video that was shared by @dogmomofseattle, one Husky seems to be mortified that his mom caught him hanging out with the family cat.

The clip has close to a half a million views, and the text on the video reads, "It's like my dog got embarrassed I saw him chillin' with the cat." When you watch it, you'll see the Husky's owner coming down the stairs, where he's sitting on the floor with the cat standing on top of him. Watch what he does when he realizes he's been caught in the act.

OMG. How funny was his reaction? He was all, "Nope, not me. Nothin' to see here!" After one commenter felt bad for the cat and said the pup might need to apologize later, the video creator responded with, "They really are besties. Lol. I don’t know why he got embarrassed 😂." A lot of people are commenting on the look on the cat's face after being pushed off by the dog. Some think the kitty's feelings were hurt or that the cat perhaps took offense.

Another TikTok user, @Sydney, seems to think this wasn't a case of embarrassment at all, saying, "You can tell the cat started humping the dog and got too excited with its claws 😂, hence the buck off from the dog." Huh. That could be what happened?

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At any rate, the owner of these pets sure has some lovable cuties in her household, and at least she doesn't have to worry about her cats and dogs getting along, right? 

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