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Husky Tries to Eat His Entire 'Gotcha Day' Cake and We Can't Stop Laughing

Even the least food-motivated pups can be tempted by the right snack--just ask Koda! This hilarious Siberian Husky decided to treat himself during his last 'gotcha day' celebration, and Instagram can't get enough. We could watch this on repeat all day!

This giggle-inducing clip was posted to @koda_the_colorado_husky's account on his last gotcha day, and it already has over 2 million views. TBH, we can totally see why, though--this dude is too much!

LMAO! We're nearly in tears from laughing so hard at Koda's chaotic moment, and we're not the only ones. He has lots of new fans after this viral clip, that's for sure.

Viewer @breneman72 wrote, "he said, 'hold on who's birthday is it? Why do I get the small piece?'" Ha! We mean, that logic holds up pretty dang well, but we think Koda had his mind made up the moment he saw the two pieces.

"He said the slice of cake is too small for him," agreed @ohzander. Well, duh! He is a growing boy, after all--he needs his snacks! It's only the cherry on top that the snack in front of him is such a treat.

Still, we're glad his paw-rents stepped in to keep him from biting off more than he can chew... literally! Commenter @nayatribe also appreciated "the general panic when he goes for the bigger piece lol." We have a feeling tons of pet parents can relate! 

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