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Video of Husky Rolling His Eyes at Mom Has Us Obsessed

When you think about the sassiest dogs, which breeds come to mind? For some, it's the pocket-sized diva dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies who have the most bite in their bark, but others consider larger dogs the most attitude-ridden. After you see this hilarious Siberian Husky-mix roll his eyes at his mom, you'll know exactly what we're talking about.

Four-legged TikTok stars @bellaanddunks are always up to something hilarious, but this boy's eye roll has us crying with laughter! His sister has her own personality quirks, we're sure, but it's hard to top this hilarity.

OMFG! This dude has some serious 'tude for his mama, but we're so glad she caught it on film. We aren't the only ones LOL-ing over this silly guy!

"Was not expecting a LEGIT eye roll," said commenter @treatdosy. Neither were we! Tons of pet parents claim that their pups show attitude, but a full-on eye roll is on an entirely other level. @Tracyrd34 agrees! This viewer wrote, "huskies have the most dramatic expressions ever but I've never seen an eye roll. This is awesome." We can't help but agree! 

"Are you sure that’s not someone you know personally who turned into a husky?" asked @terrymarie823. Ha! Now that you mention it, we're awful suspicious! This expression is one of the most human-like things we've ever seen a pup do, and it's just as mind-blowing as we expected it to be.

Then again, this is a Husky mix we're talking about. @Soundtechy made a great point when they said, "it amazes me how of all the breeds, they're definitely the biggest drama queens lol." Somehow, it's true! We may have no clue why this is, but we know that @joshiemoloshie's comment is perfectly on point: "all that energy and they choose to spend it on chaos and drama." Well--someone has to do it!

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