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Husky’s Over-the-Top Reaction to Dad Coming Home Is Too Cute to Miss

You've probably left your furry besties behind before while you went on vacation or maybe you left for a work trip. You tried telling your pet you'd be back, but they didn't fully understand. So as soon as you walk out the door, they sulk for days, which in their timeline could mean months. They start to think you'll never come back. But when you finally open that front door again, they greet you with one of two reactions. Excitement or anger. Or maybe you have a Husky who expresses both emotions all in one! 

TikTok doggos @axelandjinxed‘s dad left for a trip, and when he finally returned, he was met with mixed emotions. He went to the bottom of the stairs to greet his dogs. One came sprinting to say hello! She was so excited. She makes her way down the stairs when a lightbulb goes off - how dare he leave me for so long - and that excitement slips away. What she does next is absolutely hilarious! 

LOL! We’ve watched it 100 times and we still can’t stop laughing! It’s absolutely perfect and we bet all pets have the same thought process. She was SO excited at first, which is why she came barreling down the stairs. But then she realized that her dad really left her. And so she sprints back upstairs out of protest. “I’m mad at you but I wanna say hi but I’m still made you left me 😂,” TikTok user @Lynn said exactly what this dog was thinking. Or as @Keywordtrying pointed out, “She’s super excited but gotta play it cool though. Gotta pretend like she didn’t miss him THAT much.”

This Husky really needed to let him know how hurt she was. She wouldn’t even come down the stairs! LOL. @fubar17th wrote, “Legend has it that this is still happening today.😂.” We believe it! “She is playing hard to get 😳,” added @HENRY2525. HA! She needed to make sure he knew what he was missing!

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