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Husky's Reaction to Being Reuinted With Mom After 4 Days Is Too Perfect

There's no sweeter face in the world than an animal who sees their owner after a long trip. Just one look at their beloved human, and that animal is as happy as can be. This includes one famous Husky on TikTok who was positively beaming after being apart from his mama for four days. People can’t get seem to get over the bond that these two have.

The footage from @huskyjackson shows exactly what happens when you return from a trip out of town — and your dog has noticed. The video shows Jackson, a Siberian Husky, in the truck of the family car as it pulls into the driveway. “Are you my doggie?” his mom can be heard excitedly saying from offscreen.“I missed you!” she continues. “I missed you, too.” “That first look when you reunite with your dog after 4 long days,” she explained in the video’s onscreen text. Jackson’s response is so, so sweet and it’s clear that the love was mutual.

We can't get over his sweet little cries! The comments section was smitten with the way that Jackson told his mama he loved her. “Awwww, he has feelings,” @pieromedone wrote. “When you said, 'Are you my doggie?,' I’m pretty sure he said ‘Yes, you’re my mom.’ 😭 so cute,” @fungirlj agreed. “Awww, it sounded like he said a long ‘moooommm,’” @tanyalucero777 noted. “My pup would have jumped right on out,” @haleymariee35 joked.

Of course, we can only imagine how much Jackson missed his mom while they were away on vacation. But Mama was pretty open about the fact that Jackson was on her mind every single second that they were gone. “I talked about him 2938383x while we were on vacation,” she wrote in the video’s caption. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder, huh?