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Viral Video of Husky Jumping From Second-Story Window Has People in Disbelief

Wow. If you haven't seen this viral video of a Husky jumping out of the second-story window of a building with people on the street freaking out, then you might want to prepare yourself, because it's a doozie. The clip was shared by @jogabonito929, and with over 9 million views, people honestly can't believe their eyes after watching it.

As you'll see, it starts off with a small group of people standing in front of a building, and you'll hear them screaming as the dog, a Husky, jumps from the second-story window onto the ground below. What happens next is just way too unbelievable.

Good grief! What did we just watch? They say that cats have nine lives, but apparently it's true for dogs, too. Can you even believe that after landing on his feet from that jump, the pup wandered into the street and was almost hit by a car?! TikTok users are just as baffled as the people who witnessed the incident after seeing this video. @Patrick Nomed said, "This dog be like, 'I identify as a cat now okayyy.'" Others commented on how the women below should've tried harder to catch him, but it appears that they panicked instead. 

One TikTok user suggested that this was a trick of the eye and that the video was played in reverse, but that just doesn't seem possible. How in the heck would the dog jump backwards up into the window? 

Whatever led to the pup winding up on the street, let's just hope that after leaping from so high up that the dog wound up being ok. He did appear to be unharmed after scurrying off, which really is such a huge relief!