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Husky's Way of Expressing How Much He Misses His Owners Gives Us All the Feels

Dogs have their own language. They have their own way of telling you when they're happy, sad, hungry...Or like one Husky on TikTok, their own way of telling you that they missed you. The pooch, Kaia, had the best response to his mom coming home one day. And it's such a good reminder that dogs truly are man's best friend. 

Kaia must've been really in his feels that day because his owner @kaia_the_wolf came home and found him howling. "Got home, sneaked around back to surprise my boy," the video's text overlay reads. Kaia was so into what he was doing he almost missed that his mom was watching him nearby. But eventually he spotted her. "Mama is home my boy," the text overlay states. Just look at his face when he sees her!

"Kaia howling when he misses those he loves," the caption reads. 

With over 17 million views, it seems like other people were just as touched as we were while watching the footage. "He’s calling you home," @mel_v_mon wrote. "Why was I expecting you to start howling with him," @byebyesamuel joked. "Aaaw he was waiting for the howl back. We don't deserve dogs, so cute," @rickileemayhayman commented. "I could never have a husky I would literally howl WITH him 25/7," @thatfriendbhindthecam added. 

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Although some commenters wondered if perhaps Kaia was howling a little too loud. "Nah, all of you guys saying he needs a friend, that friend is just gonna howl too then you have a while choir," @hedgehogsx2 pointed out. "I bet the neighbors love you," @looknohands101 teased. "My neighbors would call noise control or the dog ranger," @amytheleo quipped. 

But no worries. In this case, Kaia's owner explained that he doesn't howl often and they don't have too many "human neighbors" around. So we guess this means the pup can tell his mama she loves him again and again.

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