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Husky Mix's Precious Bond With New Golden Retriever Puppy Is the Stuff of Dreams

Dogs, like humans, can get very lonely. If they are the only animal in the household, they may be yearning for a furry companion to play and nap with. One family recognized this desire in their husky and decided to get a permanent, furry solution.

TikTok user @kelsieray21 recently shared a video of their husky, Elsa, that they adopted two years ago. In the video, they said they could tell she wanted a playmate to keep her company, so they adopted Leonard, a Golden Retriever puppy. Check out the video to see all the adorable footage of these two pups playing together and see what their bond is like.

OMG, this is too cute. Elsa and Leonard make such a lovely pair, we couldn't be happier that they have each other. In the video, their owners say they're now inseparable, and we can totally understand why!

People in the comments thought these two make a fantastic pair. @mbdavalos4 said, "She’s gorgeous and deserved a baby brother that’s gorgeous as well," and @livmess1 commented, "This is the most sweetest, cutest, adorable thing ever!" They really are two of the cutest pups around!

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Others joked about the way these two dogs play with each other. @joeyweaverhoward87 commented, "You mean you got her a moving chew toy LOL. Incredibly beautiful," and @mahal0517 "He’s been laying in her paws ever since then. How stinkin' cute." Watching two doggy siblings play together is so funny because of these silly ways of bugging their sibling!

We're so glad Elsa's parents decided to adopt Leonard! This is one friendship that will last a lifetime.

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