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Husky Mix Finally Showcases 'His Voice' After 3 Years and We Can't Get Enough

Huskies are well known for being very talkative dogs. They will whine, howl, and moan all day long over the smallest inconveniences. It's never-ending! However, this one Husky mix seemed to break from the talkative stereotype until one day he finally let it all out, and boy did he have a lot to say!

TikTok user @busby_thebrave recently shared a video of her Husky and Mastiff mix, Busby, finally showing more of his Husky side after three years. In the video, Busby is laying in the yard, peaceful as can be, while letting out three years of pent up howls. He keeps talking, pauses, and then lets out another howl. According to his mom, this is the first time Busby has done this despite being half Husky, and she was very surprised! Check out the video to see what Busby has to say.

Wow, Busby is not holding back! He finally decided to share all of his opinions with his mom, and it seems like he does not plan on stopping any time soon.

People in the comments couldn't get enough of Busby. @its_leigh_ said, "He sounds like a very distinguished gentleman," and @opalbarrett919 commented, "He had nothing to say until today." Busby finally decided that today is the day he breaks his silence!

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Others thought Busby had suddenly started a career as a musician. @kimmykimmykokopop commented, "Sounds like he's singing the blues," and @tattoed_girl4life said, "Little dude woke up and discovered a love for singing ballads." Busby would have no trouble selling out a world tour!

We're glad Busby is finally accepting his Husky identity, thought his mom and neighbors might not feel the same way. It seems like there may be a lot more Husky talk in their future!

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