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Husky Tries to 'Sneak a Nap With the Cat' in Video We Can't Resist

Your pets have the funniest relationships with each other. Sometimes they're the best of buddies — other times,  not so much. While we can't say for sure what the exact relationship is between one Husky and his kitty fur-sibling, from a recent viral video of them on TikTok we'd have to guess that they fall into the latter category. Yikes!

Poor Zoe of Cambridge, Massachusetts just wanted to sneak in for a cuddle and a nap with the family cat Milo. But Milo...wasn't on the same page. The Husky just wants to be Milo's best friend — so much so that she tried to join Milo for some quality time on the couch on the sly. "Trying to sneak a nap with the cat," the video from @zoethehuskydog's states in the onscreen caption. 

Zoe cautiously lowers himself next to Milo, but Milo is not having it. "'I’m just going to slide on over here' - Zoe," the video's caption jokes. 

With over 260,000 views on the video, it seems like people were feeling for Zoe. "She needs a friend to snuggle with," @mandyb124 wrote in the comments section. "That cat's tail was saying do not even try it," @anna02706 teased. "The little irritated tail wag before the attack. I know that one all too well haha," @koneko1256 joked. "Oh gosh he was trying to be so slick too," @hrblackburn1234 wrote, before adding a crying-laughing emoji. 

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Another video on the page shows off Zoe and Milo's unique relationship with each other. And yep, Milo is definitely not a fan. "'No dog, I most definitely do not want to play right now' - Milo," the caption jokes. 

Don't worry Zoe, you'll get him one day.

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