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Woman Finds Husky on Roof of House and Owner’s Response Is Unexpected at Best

On today's episode of "Floof on the Roof," TikTok user @maceymcgregor01 and her mom were driving through the neighborhood when they noticed something out of the ordinary that was very unsafe. Turns out a Husky was hanging out on the roof like he was king looking over his kingdom. So they did what any person would do, go let the owners know their four-legged baby was on the roof.  

She stopped the car and knocked on this person’s front door. There was no answer. She tried again, as it was critical to save this poor pup. Although, we think he was having the time of his life up there. LOL. You’d expect the owner to come running out, but the response was a little unusual in our opinion. What do you think? 

First and foremost, the dog is safe! That’s all that matters here. And since he’s safe, we can now laugh at the fact he probably goes on the roof all the time! He somehow managed to slip through the tiniest part of the window screen. LOL! @April Grace O’Sullivan wrote, “Doesn’t look like it’s the first time it’s happened, judging by her response 😂.” 

We think, and hope, that he’s done this so many times the owners know he is safe, and he’ll come in on his own time. But part of us thinks that’s not the case. LOL. “That dog heard his mom talking through the ring and knew he was in trouble…” said @Lauren K. He was so upset someone ratted him out! @Erin added, “Dogs like, ‘You didn’t have to call my mom’ 😂.” Oh, but she did. We only want the Husky to be safe! 

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We think it’s time for a new screen at this house.

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