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Husky Is Totally Stumped by Mom's Clever Hiding Spot During Game of Hide-and-Seek

Dogs love a good game of hide-and-seek, as it's just such a thrill when they finally find their owners! One Husky, however, recently had a fast one pulled on him when he couldn't seem to find where his mama was hiding. The video of the stumped pup was shared on TikTok by @bokchoy.the.wooly, and with over 2.5 million views, this sweet boy's hide-and-seek snafu is cracking everyone up! 

In the clip, you'll see mom quickly hide under a blanket on the couch, and then this big, fluffy guy (named Bok Choy - OMG) comes down the hallway looking for her. His dad says, "Where's your mama," and the poor boy just can't figure out where she's disappeared to! Check it out.

What a lovable guy! He was so happy once he finally figured out where mom was hiding. She got him really good with that clever spot, didn't she? People are loving just how puzzled this pup was. One commenter, @AG said, "I swear they have a nose/ears that can smell/hear miles away but can't find u when playing hide-n-go-seek... LOL." Another TikTok user, @Chickitos added, "So... not an ideal rescue dog 😂." The video creator replied with, "There goes our dream of ski patrol 😂." @Crusader of Chaos chimed in with, "When scientists tell you that dogs have 300 million olfactory sensors but can’t find their human 😏." HAHA!

While Bok Choy's search and rescue skills might not be quite up to par, one thing's for sure: he's totally game for participation! Hey, at least he finally found her at the end of the clip, even if he did have some assistance from dad. Still the best boy!