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Video of Vocal Husky Puppy Begging to Be Held Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

When it comes to dog breed stereotypes, some are more accurate than others. The rumor about huskies--that they're particularly vocal--is one that hits the nail right on the head, though. If you want a companion you can have a chat with, this is the breed for you!

This priceless video of the sweetest Husky puppy comes from @feliciawilson_85's TikTok account, and we are here for it. Felicia already has 2.6 million followers thanks to her informative (and adorable) videos from her job as an animal transporter, but this one is hitting a bit different. If you've ever spent time with a puppy--or a baby of any species, really--you'll totally relate to her! What else is there to do when the little one wants to be held? Just watch what happens! 

If we were there, we'd snuggle this husky baby for the entire cross-country road trip! Felicia has to drive, though, so it's a bit of a struggle. Still, it's quite possibly the cutest struggle we've ever seen!

"Him: “I’m just a bawby.” 🥰😂," wrote @kittythewitch13. We can practically hear the audio! This is also accurate AF, so it's no surprise why this is the most-liked comment of the video. 

"'Hold me like this the entire time or we’re simply not going'" @briannagoodall said. Honestly, that's probably exactly what he was thinking! We don't blame the little one for wanting some extra comfort on the drive, though--and neither does @theone_pupp. "I'm sorry, OREGON TO FLORIDA???? I would scream too," she said. LMAO! Hopefully Felicia has gotten used to it at least. 

Seriously, though, her job is basically a dream for most of us peasants. Still, people like @jabock93 and us wouldn't be the best candidates: "I want this job but I know I couldn't afford it cause I'd end up animal napping someone's pet 😂." Honestly, though...We have no clue how Felicia can resist this baby's requests when he's being such a cutie pie.