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Husky Refuses Pup Cup Because It's Not From 'Starbucks' and We Can't Stop Laughing

Some might call one Husky on the internet a picky eater, but we think he simply has *taste.* As video of him on TikTok shows, Little Archer wasn't feeling his Tim Hortons pup cup. Which seriously surprised his mama, who figured that her dog's  sophisticated palette kept him from enjoying the treat.

Archer just might be a tad "bougie" (his owner's words, not ours), but that good taste has helped him go viral online. According to video of a recent trip to Tim Hortons, the pup visibly rejected the special doggy treat his mom had gotten him. "I understand that you are a Starbucks dog," his mom @archerdahusky can be heard saying in the background. "But it's the same thing." The mom is of course referring to the Starbucks Puppuccino. Judging by Archer's reaction, he clearly thinks he's being hoodwinked. 

"Sorry Tim Hortons Archer is a Starbucks dog for life," the mom wrote in the caption. "This is the first time we tried Tim Hortons. I assumed he would eat it from anywhere," she added later in the thread.

Over 2 million people have watched Archer's scathing review of his pup cup — and many people agreed. "He really said if it’s not Starbucks I don’t want it mom," @jtruong1 teased. "I actually don't like the whipped cream at Tim Hortons so I get him lol," @paperlianplans agreed. "I’m with Archer, if it’s not Starbucks I won’t drink it," @citimutts chimed in. 

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At the end of the video, Archer's mom showed a clip of her dog straight-up loving his Starbucks drink. We get it Archer, we're picky about our morning cup of java too.

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