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Mischievous Husky Refuses to Behave Until Mom Threatens to Call Out for Dad

Well? Looks like @huskyjackson is at it again with yet another viral TikTok video! This hilarious pup always gives us a good laugh, and this time, we're cracking up over him refusing to listen to his mom. This lovable Husky is known for his tantrums, and in this new clip, he's seen pawing and chewing at the carpet, refusing to listen to mom's pleas to stop.

The video was just shared yesterday and already has 9 million views, all because of Jackson's funny reaction when mom decides to get dad involved. Captioned with, "Husband's footsteps mean timeout," watch what happens when Jackson realizes dad is headed his way.

LOL! The minute he heard that chair squeak, he stopped dead in his tracks! Needless to say, this video is cracking people up. @Autumn joked, "The panic in his eyes 😂." Another commenter, @Matthew Duncan added, "This is because Huskies are pack dogs, and this Husky knows that dad is the alpha of this house, so he has to listen to him." Hmm. That's a really good point.

TikTok user @Alison Gilbert could totally relate to the pup's distress, saying, "The chair moving was the same reaction when I was a kid when I heard my dad's truck coming down the road and I hadn't done my chores yet 😂." Haha! No kid wants to get caught not doing what they're supposed to.

Based on another video that was shared not too long after this one, it's obvious that Jackson truly does know who the man of the house is. 

Aww. Poor guy. He might have misbehaved earlier, but we sure hope dad finally gave in and acknowledged him! (And we hope Jackson finally gave mom a break, too.)