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Husky Boldly Scolds His Mom for Leaving Him to Run Errands

Don't you wish you could bring your furry best friend with you everywhere you go? It just doesn't make sense to take our pets with us all the time, and it's so tough to leave them at home. Luckily, most pets are forgiving and are happy to see you when you get back. However, one Siberian Husky is holding a grudge against his mom for being left home alone.

TikTok user @huskyjackson posted a video of herself returning to a very angry and hurt pup. Jackson is known for his temper and whining, as is seen in other videos his mom has posted, like the one where he was upset his sister wouldn't play with him. In this particular clip, she had left to run errands for only 2 hours, noting that she usually gets everything delivered. But this time, she really needed to run out, and Jackson was not having any of it! Wait until you hear his pitiful complaints.

Aww. He couldn't hide his disappointment! "Then don't do it again!" Jackson whines. This is one very dramatic pup, alright.

One TikTok user named Mary asked, "How could you do that mom!? "You left him ALONE? For 2 HOURS? 😱 Oh the poor, neglected pup 😳😅 He is beautiful 😍." 

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Aww. We all know it can't be easy to leave that sweet face. And @Timmyb8627 laughed, "Hahaha! Definitely giving you the cold shoulder. How dare you leave him! 😂😁" 

We're sure that Jackson's mom more than made up for her absence with plenty of kisses, cuddles, and, of course, treats! Given how much he missed her, extra goodies were certainly in order for this sweet guy!

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