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Video of Husky Loudly ‘Screaming’ for His Owner in a Parking Lot Is Going Viral

A woman on TikTok has gone viral, and now, she’s sharing the funny surprise she came across while out recently. The woman, who goes by @chicoandwillow online, heard a strange noise coming from one of the cars in the lot — but nothing could've prepared her for what she found. 

The dog mom usually shares videos of her two dogs Chico and Willow on her page, but an interaction with another dog was too funny not to share. The footage shows a stranger's Husky with his head sticking out of their car. And the sounds he was making were next level. “Heard screaming in the parking lot so we had to investigate…” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. We can’t get over the sounds this pup was making.

Over 2.8 million people have watched the TikTok creator’s video and were cracking up over the chatty dog. “When you forget where you parked so you bring your Husky,” @emily_anne87 wrote. “Over the PA system ‘someone’s good boy is asking for them in the parking lot. I repeat, a good boy is yelling for their parent in the parking lot,’” @citrusland added. “He had a lot to say,” @african_hippie teased. “Now, that’s a car alarm system that I will invest in,” @the5.0shadow commented. 

While Husky owners could relate a little too much. "Huskies are so dramatic lol. Have one here," @jeepman1969 commented. "Mine makes the same sounds! Cracks me up every time," @nelleaz wrote. "Oh just an over dramatic Husky everything's actually fine," @myrandakeith681 chimed in. 

It looks like this little guy was just trying to see how much longer his owner was going to be shopping. If we had to guess, he’s probably asking if they could go to Costco next. Gotta get one of those big packs of chew toys!