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Husky-Shepherd Mix's Reaction to Seeing a Deer for the First Time Makes Us LOL

If you have a pet, you know the noises they produce that come with seeing a different animal. Sometimes it can be a squirrel running around outside and your dog begs to chase it. Other times a cat might be obsessed with birds and fish. Those animals are normally common for your pets to see. So what happens when your pet sees an animal that they might not encounter often? Does it sound like this Husky Shepherd? If so, we hope you have earplugs!  

TikTok user @aronimaconi was in the car with her partner and their dog. Their dog was enjoying the car ride, looking out the window when she noticed something very unusual. Well, not unusual for us but for a dog it might be! It was just a deer but by her reaction, you'd think it was something else. LOL! Most people who are shocked get tongue tied and have no words. But this Husky Shepherd was quite the opposite and it's absolutely hilarious. No wonder this clip has nearly 4 million views! 

LMAO! This Husky Shephard was going crazy because of the deer. She's never seen anything like it! All that talking was just her way of saying she needs to see more of this big dog-looking thing. LOL! @reneejespinoza said, "She's like, 'Wait please please I need to see it up close for myself and investigate lol 😆😆❤️ cute." And by the sounds of it, she's a very curious investigator! 

"The look of concern in her eyes, 'Did you fluffin see that dad?!'" wrote @mother0fcatz. She had to scream that out loud to make sure her parents heard and saw the deer! "'Mom what are you laughing about. Don’t you know this is a serious matter? LOOK AT THE ANTLERS' 😂," added @scorpioblackbird. LOL! The dog was probably thinking why does this animal have sticks on it's head? 

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Another TikTok user, @itz_a_potato123, said exactly what this dog sounds like. The comment reads, "She sounds like an opera singer in the first bit 😂😂." Omg, she totally does! But we love it and we'd love to hear more of her tunes! 

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