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Husky's Reaction to Being Caught Stealing His Sister's Breakfast Is Just the Best

Siberian huskies are known for their mischievous nature, but it's always a hoot to catch them in the act. Whether they're escaping from the yard or stealing something embarrassing, there's no doubt you'll be entertained. This breed has energy and personality to spare!

Leia and Archer, also known as the Siberian Derpskies (LOL!) are no exception. They keep their 423.5 thousand TikTok followers entertained with all kinds of antics, but one video of a very guilty Archer is getting extra laughs. The dogs' dad explains everything in the video, but nothing beats Archer's efforts not to give himself away. As hard as he tried, he couldn't mask his guilt. Check out what he did! 

Haha! If that look on his face didn't give it away, that lip licking and burping sure did! Still, we can't help but appreciate the effort he put into dodging any accusation. Like it says in the video's caption, "He had plausible deniability *right up* until the burp 🐺🤔🤨😅." He was so close!

Naturally, TikTokers are still LOL-ing over this Husky's attempts at playing it cool--just ask @novahusky721. "I love how Huskies look at you like we are being “extra” for accusing them lol," she wrote. Isn't that the truth? The Siberian Derpskies' dad agrees, "huskies are never 'less' 😅."

Add some guilt to that drama and you're going to get something entertaining AF; Exhibit A is right here. Mr. Archer is "so guilty, he even pushed [his human] away 🥰😂," as @andreahannah0 pointed out. If that's not admission we don't know what is!

Even if he is guilty, though (which he is), he doesn't seem to regret it very much. @Momoftwo2009 commented, "lip licking is the same as 'It was worth it,'" and we can't help but agree. At least he had fun causing all this trouble so early in the morning!