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Video of Husky Boldly Stealing an Amazon Package Has Us Laughing Out Loud

Guard dogs are always on alert as delivery workers come to the door, which we totally understand. They’re just trying to protect the house! The dogs start going nuts with uncontrollable barking when they see these workers coming. Then on occasion, there are the dogs who run up to get some love from the delivery workers and maybe a treat. So we assume these employees have to stay on their toes. Who knows what animal they might run into. But this altercation with a Husky has to be a new one.  

TikTok user @jakegracey was delivering an Amazon package to someone’s house. He dropped it off on the deck, as per usual. But then, the Husky came out of nowhere and picked it up, he said in the comments. This dog is going to make it seem like the package was never delivered! LOL! The viral video now has over 5 million views and 993.1K likes.

LMAO! He did everything right in his job, but the dog still got to the package. We don’t think that family is ever getting that package back! @Snarfelle suggested, “Take a picture of the Husky holding it as proof of delivery.” This video is more than enough proof!

Another commenter, @merro said, “’Delivered: Handed directly to a resident.’ Done!” HA! Technically it was delivered to a member of the house. “Clearly, it’s his package. He’s been waiting all day,” wrote @susknowsbest. He ordered a new toy and was just taking what was his, obviously! 

“As a Husky owner, his humans aren’t getting the package from him either,” commented @cshouse312. LOL! Finders keepers! The creator did leave a tip in the comments. He said, “If you’re expecting a package and this might happen, keep your dog inside. He came out of nowhere and snatched the package from the deck.”