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Epic Video of Husky Stealing Meat Straight Off the Grill Is Going Viral

All dogs descend from carnivorous predators, but some pups are more intrigued by meat than others. It's just an individual preference! Still, meat tends to be a favorite food among canines, and this mischievous Husky is no exception.

When @tannyama and her family got ready for a barbecue dinner, they expected that they'd be the one's feasting by the end of the night. Their dog had other plans, though, and all the makings of a viral video came together. Here we are over 5 million views--and one happy Husky-- later.

What a sneak! We just loved how quickly all the naughtiness happens and how long it takes for someone to react. Honestly, they were probably taking in what they just witnessed! We know we were. 

Some of the commenters had hilarious takes on what just happened, but we think @katyagamboa's is the most accurate. "Think fast… nope… too slow!" No kidding! Had anyone seen this chaos coming, there might have been something left to grill. 

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"Bro risked it all and won 😂," wrote @boogieya. Also true! Based off the stance the pup was in at the beginning of the clip, stealing the meat was a split-second decision. This was a gutsy move, and we applaud the doggo's confidence. It paid off!

Not that we didn't see it coming, but this incident reminds so many pet owners of their own fur babies. @yeseniaggarcia said that this is "something my husky would do," but let's be honest here: this is something every Husky would do.

And it's something @jodie80401's pup has already done! "My mom's dog went In kitchen and ate most of the barbecue food we had," they said. Oh no! You should take @hfkajhd's advice next time and have "a backup steak or two" on hand. We know this family certainly will from now on!

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