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Husky-Malamute Throwing Tantrum Like a Kid Has Parents Everywhere Laughing

Whoever said dogs are brave and strong all the time should probably take a look at a video shared by @nikkoboy_huskamute on TikTok. It's like this: her dog Nikko (a Husky/Malamute mix) was having an absolute fit when she asked him to come inside for the night. So much so that people online are saying the pup acted like a stubborn little kid.

The drama all started when @nikkoboy_huskamute simply asked her dog to get out of the rain— but nope, he wasn't having it. "Come on, inside," she can be heard saying off-camera. "It is raining. You have been outside almost all day, come on," she continued. Sadly, it seemed like it was a losing battle and Nikko straight-up refused to listen to his mama. "Any other pups enjoy arguing to stay outside in the rain," the mom joked in the caption.

The comments section was cracking up over Nikko's reaction. "He is literally saying no," @heyitsleta wrote before adding a crying laughing emoji. "Nikko 1, mom 0," @b.darnell4206 added. "Hilarious!! Such a beautiful fellow but so argumentative," @strutter526 chimed in. 

While other commenters thought this sounded just a little bit familiar. "But mom!" @haaliemorris teased. "He clearly says 'noooOOOOOooooo' mom," @hisdoggos agreed. "He is a stubborn as an actual child and this was actually like listening to an argument with an actual child!" @sharonkrat8 wrote.

Later, the mom wrote that Nikko eventually cut the diva-like behavior. "He actually came inside as soon as I slipped on my shoes I keep by the door, he was just testing how long it would take," she wrote. 

Kids, always testing their limits.