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Video of Husky Teaching Puppy to Sing Couldn’t Be More Precious

We love watching when older siblings take matters into their own hands to teach their younger siblings the ropes. It’s always a precious moment and a bonding experience. And can we talk about how patient they are waiting for their sibling to catch on? So sweet! 

We see this happen with dogs, too. Sometimes, they teach the little ones how to use the potty bell (LOL) or show them where their parents are hiding the treats. In a recent TikTok clip from @wolfyjohnthomas, an older Husky sibling was teaching the puppy howling techniques. The older one was patient because it wasn’t working at first, but you could tell the little pup was trying his hardest, and that’s all one could ask for! 

Aww! Is this not one of the most adorably funny videos you’ve seen?! The puppy wasn’t getting it at first and just kept barking. It was his own remix. LOL! But just like anytime someone learns something, practice makes perfect. He finally found the right way to howl. Ugh, too precious to handle! 

“I love when a puppy finds their voice,” said @ketling403. They get a whole new set of confidence when this happens, too. Too bad when a Husky finds his or her voice, they will never stop using it. LOL! “Puppy is singing the song of its people,” commented @robhaynes175. He’ll be able to fit right in with the other Huskies. He’s finally one of them! @Jack Harrison6710 added, “Perfect harmony.” They’re about to be the next family band like The Jackson 5 or The Jonas Brothers! 

Another commenter, @michaelgiangiuli4 said, “I love the way dogs throw their heads back when they howl.” It’s so cut. And you know what they say, the further their heads go back, the more effort they’re putting in. Keep up the good work, little Husky!