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Video of Husky 'Tattling' on Her Baby Sister Totally Cracks Us Up

Huskies are certainly known for their incredible vocal abilities, but the sass that comes along with it can't be overlooked. These dogs have so much personality packed into their fluffy butts! Combine all of that with the breed's stunning looks, and it's no wonder why these dogs are so popular online.

Just look at @maya.husky! This Siberian Husky diva already boasts a lot of fans, but her latest video of her telling on her little fur sister has us seriously LOLi-ng. 

We can't get enough of Maya! She clearly has a lot to say, but we lost it when she started telling her mum what to do. Her lil' foot stomp was a crowd favorite, and it's easy to see why. It's such a human thing to do!

"NOT THE PUTTING HER FOOT DOWN 😫," wrote commenter @yeonsanho. It's just too much! She is filled from nose to tail with sass, especially when it comes to her little sis, but even we're shocked she was such a tattletale. Her mama doesn't sound surprised at all, though.

"Maya be like 'I work hard to make this house a home 😤,'” @bider.man96 joked. LMAO! She's definitely the big sis in this situation, but we agree with @possibly.carlos that "Maya is the best teacher ever," too. Every sibling pair has their moments of bickering, but it's all in the name of love!

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