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Video of Husky Begging Dad for Popcorn Has People in Stitches

We all get a little peckish sometimes. Including one Husky who was shameless in his desire to get some popcorn from his owner. "Mya Mya" of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas definitely had her eye on the prize in a video her owner recently shared on TikTok. Although, can anyone really blame her? 

Video of Mya Mya really going for it has made its way to TikTok and over 180,000 people have watched her ask her dad for a treat. The video shows Mya Mya laying on the couch with her "paw-rent," eyes glued to the popcorn bowl. "Give me popcorn," her owner @myathesiberian wrote in the video's onscreen text, as if deciphering Mya Mya's howls. "Of course I wanted it stupid," he added. The dog-dad held a piece of popcorn up for Mya Mya to snatch, but you'll have to watch for yourself to see if she gets her prize.

The comments section was rooting for Mya Mya to get her heart's desire. "Ohh you almost had it. You gotta be quicker than that! lol," @thats_not_my_name_89 wrote. "They're like just you wait when you're distracted I'm gonna take the whole bowl," @lonewolfnoe joked. "I think all Huskies love popcorn! Both of mine are addicted," @angiedavis37 chimed in. "I think he thought he was a little closer," @wolfchic15 teased. 

While Mya Mya might not have gotten some popcorn this time, we're sure that her papa snuck her some after the video ended. Could anyone really say no to that face? Don't worry little pup. If it was up to us, we'd give you all the popcorn you could eat!