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Husky’s Protest Over Having to Share Grandma With His Fur Sibling Is Totally Classic

Jealousy is a real and normal thing for siblings. One might feel that they are getting the short end of the stick or maybe they know another sibling is the favorite. No matter how much parents try to assure their little ones they don't have a favorite, it never works. There is always someone who is jealous. And if grandparents ever show the slightest bit of favoritism, it's even worse.   

Don't believe us? Check out this TikTok video from @sled_dog. This Husky named Sherlock is known for his “Chair of Greetings,” where he sits on an armchair like a king, saying hello to anyone that comes in the house. Surely as king of the chair, grandma would greet Sherlock first, right? Well, apparently not. And when Sherlock sees that grandma went to his fur sibling instead, all heck broke loose. 

LOL! Sherlock was SO upset seeing grandma pick his sibling to get pets over him first. He would not stop barking and howling. He was just making sure grandma knew he was not happy with her. And like any protest, he stopped as soon as he got what he wanted. The bestest pets from the bestest person! 

TikTok users are also upset that grandma didn't pet Sherlock first. One commenter, @heyitsleta, said, "Grandma how dare you not show Sherlock love first? The betrayal." How rude grandma! @Robin added, "Wait, Grandma pet Brigid first? Sorry Grandma, jail. Sherlock is supposed to be your most favorite. I think he needs song." She'll have to make it up to him big time! Petting him will not be enough. 

If we learned anything from this video, one: always pet Sherklock first or at least pet them together. And second, coming from @Honey Jo Wilson, "Free Hearing loss with every Husky 😂." LMAO!