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Icelandic Sheep Gathering Tradition in September Is As Unique As It Gets

TikTok user @farmlifeliceland is a farmer in Iceland who recently told us about an Icelandic tradition we've never heard about before. It's called Réttir. And she says it's about as Icelandic as it gets. 

She explained that every summer she lets her sheep roam free in the highlands. They roam around with other sheep from different farms. And then in September, they are gathered back together to go home during a community-wide event. Have you ever seen something like Réttir before?!

Wow! What a cool and unique tradition that we've never heard of before. You learn something new every day on this app! She explained that Réttir is not only an event for the sheep but also for the community because it brings everyone together. We'd love to see this one year!

"They took counting sheep to a whole next level," said @desiko16. Seriously, we've never seen anything like it! @Pannazkitkami wrote, "I am sure there is a sad sheep love story where they are separated." Haha aww! A summer fling coming to an end. Until next summer!

This is so amazing, yet we think it could be a little chaotic! That's why we're wondering exactly what @ladymainiac asked, "How do you know you’ve gotten all the sheep????" The creator responded by saying, "We compare the list of sheep who are back and who went to the highlands." Well, that makes sense! And we think after all these years they've worked through all the details. LOL!

Believe it or not, it happens in other parts of the world! A TikToker said they do it in Norway. Another said they do this with Reindeer in Finland. Who knew?! 


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