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Woman Buys 'Ikea' Doll Bed for Her Cats and Total Cuteness Ensues

TikToker @mandyscathouse's user name is on point because, in reality, her home is totally a cat house. That's because she's fostering cats and kittens. Aww! What a beautiful and selfless thing to do. But she's not just caring for them, she's going above and beyond for these fur babes. She's making her home a cat oasis until they get adopted to their forever homes. And one of her recent ideas really blew us away. 

This idea brought her to everyone's favorite furniture store - Ikea. You know how you can be in Ikea for hours, looking at everything with no plan. But thanks to this TikToker, we now know what we need. And yes, we know Ikea isn't a pet store, but trust us when we say her idea is too good to ignore. Her imagination has brought out even more cuteness from the foster kittens. Check it out!  

LOL! Why haven't we thought of this before?! It's brilliant! The little kitten was so comfortable, sleeping the day away on a doll bed. So cute! Next time we go to Ikea, we'll be raiding the kids section to find what will work for our pets. Ha! Although, we think we're a little late to the party...

As it turns out, TikTok users have been doing this! How are we just hearing about this now?! @Katelyn Pepper said, "We cut a little foam mattress for our cat Lily and put it on it!" So smart! That cat probably has a better bed than we do. LOL! 

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And for the TikTokers who haven't heard about this before, they're rushing to find out more details. @user1469143669602 asked, "What the weight limit 😂😂 asking for my cat." LOL! The good news is that the creator made a new video showing off the bed with a different cat. She said, "At least 13 pounds." That's not too bad! "Sigh *opens safari*," commented @jasmindelacruzme. Yep, we're right behind ya! We need to purchase an Ikea cat bed ASAP and before they're all sold! 

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