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Dog Who's Been at Illinois Shelter for 100 Days Gets Welcome 'Sleepover' Break

Doing something kind for an animal can be more meaningful than you realize. Whether it's helping a turtle out of a busy street or spoiling a rescue pet, it will be a win for everyone involved. That's why sleepovers for shelter animals have become so popular! 

Dancer the dog has been at Illinois's @andersonhumane for 100 days, so he was the perfect candidate for a special night out. The sweet pup was brought to a volunteer's home to relax and have fun at his very own sleepover, and it's both heartwarming and heartbreaking to see. 

Just look at this sweet guy! We can't resist his soulful eyes and gentle demeanor, especially when he's on the couch with his new friends. He seems like an amazing companion! Viewer @lamuttluv completely agrees, writing, "he is a sweetheart." Hopefully, this video will help potential adopters see that, too! TBH, we don't know how anyone could resist this guy dressed as a pumpkin!

@Cassidy3003 knows what we're talking about! They said, "How has he not been adopted? He’s so cute!" Isn't he? The shelter is on the very same page because they can't fathom why he hasn't been snatched up yet. 

"You’re so strong," wrote @geobead. "That puppy would never leave my house after that. Thank you for giving the baby a break and showing him love." We know exactly what you mean! It's so hard to say no to an animal in need of help--especially one as precious as Dancer. It's kindhearted people like this who make all the difference in the world for these animals, though!

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