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Video of Dog Trying Food From 'In-N-Out Burger's' Secret Menu Is Too Cute

We don't know about you, but we just love a secret menu! That's the best place to find new and exciting combinations of your favorite foods — and possibly try something that no one else has had before. On TikTok, one woman from Texas is sharing her biggest secret menu hack. However, this one is a special treat for our furry friends only.

Milo the Maltipoo is just a bit of a gourmand (meaning someone who really loves to eat) and is always trying the newest dog treats on his page @milosweetlife. But his latest find was just too good not to share. "Did you know In-N-Out has a secret menu?" his mom can be heard asking from behind the camera. "They have a pup patty once you ask for it and it's an unsalted patty, no onion or garlic," she added. And from the footage we can tell that Milo really, really liked it.

"Milo really wanted it all," the caption reads. 

People in the comments section were impressed by the dog mama's perfect hack. "Not the paper," @kevin_09s wrote before adding a crying-laughing emoji. 
"I get these for my dog but I low-key be taking a bite or a few," @emmax.vasquez admitted. "Yes my pups have been getting theirs for years! They love it," @dltgg1 shared. "My dog would eat it under 0.000001 second," @.bellaisgoofy teased. 

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Of course, you always want to check in with your vet before introducing something new into your dog's diet. But this could be a game changer the next time you want some fast food with your pet in the car. Plus, that means they won't try to sneak a bite of your burger. Win-win!

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