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Precious Dog Has Zero Interest In Being Introduced to Kittens

Everyone who owns a dog and a cat dreams of them getting along and finding them playing together or curled up in a big ball of fluffiness taking a nap together. But sometimes things just don't go that way. Just ask @BrideyDrake who welcomed a new litter of kittens into her home and attempted to introduce her black lab PiPi to the babies. 

PiPi is just not having it with this kitten. 

Awwwww! He's so sweet and so trepidatious! @Alicia posts, "Of course it’s a Labrador scared of kittens. Mine is scared of puppies!" @NikkiMarr replies, "He is like no thanks!" @Kimberely comments, "He's like nope I'm not babysitting!" Awwww, poor PiPi! 

The best way to introduce a new kitten to your dog is to go slow. Make sure it's always done under supervision, have them spend time together for a short amount and then increase their visits, heap lots of praise on both animals and offer reassurance, and don't force them to get along. Make sure both animals have a safe place to retreat to and give them time. Before you know it, your fur babies may just become best friends. 

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