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Viral Video of 'Introverted' Dogs Meeting Up to Play Is Totally Classic

Ah, yes, awkward friend meetups. They happen to everyone--dogs included--and they leave you feeling just as weird as you did when you arrived. Gotta love 'em!

One of these hilarious meetups was shared by @quilastiktok on, well, TikTok, and it's got people laughing like crazy. These introverted friends would clearly rather be somewhere else, but we're so glad they gathered at least long enough to get this clip. We're not sure which pup we relate to most!

How sweet is it that these pups' parents took the time and effort to get their introverted dogs together? It's smart, too--compared to taking your buddy to a dog park and seeing who's there, this puts each owner in much more control of the situation. 

In case it's not obvious already, commenters loved these awkward little introductions. Who wouldn't? In a funny, innocent way, it's really cute how "they don’t know what to do 🥺," just like @anemonsteret pointed out. The 342.3 thousand people who liked this comment must agree!

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"All of them avoiding eye contact 😭😂," wrote @earthrated. Isn't it silly? That's how we feel during awkward silences, too, though, so we can't really blame them. We can totally relate, just like we can to @marykokohome's theory: "Dogs thinking: This could have been an email 🤣." LOL!

We could definitely see these pups wanting to call it a day after just a few minutes. Email or not, no one seems to be particularly excited about the situation. "Good hang out," wrote @afdlkjf. "Let's do it again next year." How much would you want to bet even fewer pups will attend the second time? Still, maybe more chances to get used to one another will lead to more friendships between dogs. There's only one way to find out!

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