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Video of Dog Who Served in Iraq Being Given a 'Hero's Sendoff' Has Us Sobbing

If you're looking for your daily cry, take a look at a video on TikTok which shows a senior dog receiving a "hero's sendoff" before being put down. Of course this would be devastating no matter what the circumstances, but after learning the pup's military history we're practically in tears. And so many people in the comments section were just as touched.

As the video from the Land Of The Freakin' Awesome (@lotfaofficial) shows, the pup from Florida had a sizable crowd around while he took his final walk. The footage shows Robbie, with the help of two humans lifting him so he could walk making the rounds. "Robbie, who protected former presidents and served in Iraq, was given a hero's send-off," the video's caption states. 

Most people gave the pup a pat as he passed them. And several people had tears in their eyes as they said their goodbyes. 

The video has since been watched over 364,000 times leaving so many people heartbroken. "RIP thank you for your service! No more pain run free," @donnalynnsadler wrote in the comments section. "Oh Robbie and everyone who loves him my heart breaks for all of you! My absolute deepest condolences on the loss of Robbie. Thank you for your service," @ellevee12 added. "Can’t stop crying. God bless all of our heroes, even the four legged ones," @lesleelight3 wrote. "These 'last honor walks' are heartbreaking. Run free, sweet Robbie," @janpat98 chimed in.

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What a wonderful way to honor Robbie's life and work. We know that the gesture probably made him so happy before the end. Rest well, Robbie.

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