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Ireland Hotel That Comes Complete With Resident Dogs Is Straight Out of a Dream

There's nothing like rolling up to the hotel on your first day of vacation. Your excitement is already over the moon, but traveling there might knock you out. That's why when you finally arrive, it's a breath of fresh air. You get a second wind and you're more than ready to explore. The only thing better than getting to your hotel is being greeted by dogs at the hotel. And yes, there is a place like that! 

Where does one find a hotel with dogs greeting you at the entrance? Ireland of course! TikTok user @ireland_travellers let us all in on a little secret of what might be the best hotel we've ever seen. This hotel is not only in a castle, but it has it's own resident dogs and it's clearly a must when in Ireland. We'd be lying if we said we weren't currently looking at rates for the Ballyseede Castle at the moment. After you watch this clip, you will be too!

We want to go to this castele hotel for the sole reason of getting greeted by a resident dog. How can you not want to go after seeing how sweet this Irish Wolf Hound is?! Or better yet, we're going to do what @oldgranny00 said. The comment reads, "I wish I could just live there." Heck, we'd work there for free housing! Anything to be with those dogs! 

"I would just go there to hang out with that Irish wolfie 😍😍," said @sonny_n_frenz. Right?! That doggo is about to get a lot of visitors. We hope she's ready for all the loving! LOL! "Is taking a dog inside for a cuddle optional?😅 Asking for a friend," wrote @elizabethryan70. Ugh, we wish, but this hotel doesn't allow dogs inside. That's fine though. Still worth the trip in our mind!

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"I feel that resident dogs should be a staple at all hotels," said @Pitty mom. Oh now, this is something we can get behind! Let's get this started ASAP!

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