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Handsome Irish Setter Shows Off His On-Point Fall Wardrobe

Ah, we love it when the leaves change and it starts to get chilly outside and we can swap our shorts and swimsuits for sweaters and hoodies. Cozy socks, snuggly cardigans, well-worn sweatshirts, it's sweater weather baby! 

Most animals don't mind wearing a little shirt or sweater, especially if you bribe them with treats after dressing them, and beautiful Guinness the Irish Setter is serving lewks in his fashionable fall wardrobe. Just look at this funny boy that @Guinness_theirishsetter posted. 

We can't decide which look is our favorite! The blue hoodie? The holiday sweater? @SikaR is loving Guinness and his warm wardrobe, posting " So handsome!" @Maureen simply comments, "Adorable!" Ditto on that. Guinness is one beautiful boy. 

We love how his blue hoodie covers his eyes and he seems totally cool with it. Irish Setters are such a gentle and good-tempered breed and Guinness seems like he's following those Setter characteristics to a T. Now we just need to hope his mom posts a video of him all dressed up in holiday pajamas! 

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