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Irish Setter's Concern Over Mom Washing His Favorite Toy Is Everything

You probably remember as a kid being so obsessed with a certain toy or maybe your blankie. You would take it with you everywhere you went no matter how gross it became. And because you wouldn't let it leave your sight, your parents had to sneak it away to run it through the wash. It needed a little refresh. But if they weren't sneaky enough, a whole meltdown would happen. Parents are probably prepared for a situation like this to happen, but pet parents, now that's a different story. 

Never in a million years would we think a dog would have a meltdown over a toy, but as it turns out, it can happen. Just take a look at this TikTok doggo @guinness_theirishsetter. Guinness, the Irish Setter, was watching his mom throw all of his toys into the washer. He couldn't let 'Soggy' be included so he snuck that toy out of the basket. And when mom asked for it back, Guinness was not having it. The way he talks to his mom is absolutely everything! 

LOL! Guinness was trying so hard to stand his ground. He was saying no and attempting to shut the door, but as always, mom won. Maybe one day he'll learn that she's not taking Soggy from him. Sometimes Soggy just needs a refresh! 

"Every time he hits the door he's like, 'No, mom, just start it, it's fine!' 😂," commented @alicia_g. Guinness couldn't leave Soggy's side no matter how dirty the toy might've been! @Amber Dee Staggs added, "Not his baby! 😂😂." LOL! Wasn't washing all the other toys enough?! 

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Another TikTok user, @ria_g808, said, "That felt like Soggy was gone for months 😂💜." It totally did so we can't even imagine how long it felt for Guinness. But don't worry, Guinness and Soggy are back together and won't leave each other's side! Well, that is until wash time comes around again. LOL! 

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