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Italian Greyhound's Snowy Adventure Has Us Obsessed

Italian Greyhounds are such gorgeous, elegant dogs. Who can also look totally derpy on occasion. That's the case with TikTok users @Tikatheiggy 's  beautiful dog Tika, who just looks hilarious trotting along the snowy street in her winter coat. Tika is a total fashion icon, but we have to admit she looks hysterical here. 

Just look at this girl prance in the snow! 

She is the absolute best.  Her little leg warmers! She looks so funny and cozy! @Rescuedogmomma asks, "What takes longer: Dressing a toddler for winter or dressing Tika?" LOL! @Neaveh posts, "Yes! Tika the Viking Iggy. We love the little leather over coat." That is pretty adorable. @Beetlegoose says, "I could watch this until the end of time."  Us too! 

Tika's owners are absolutely doing the right thing (Umm, besides posting this cute video for all of us to swoon over) by dressing their baby in warm clothes in winter. Due to their small frames Greyhounds are prone to getting cold so at least gorgeous Tika is safe and cozy! 

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